Something I Find Challenging

Something I find challenging that I have to do every morning is waking up. It’s the hardest part of my day and I hate it. It’s even worse now because it’s cold outside, and I know that once I’m done getting ready I will have to go outside and wait for my bus. I think about how comfortable my bed is all day, and how great a nap would be after school.Β I love sleep so much that I tend to sleep through most of my alarms in the morning, but I don’t seem to care because of how comfortable I am in my bed. I have 16 alarms to wake me up, and it’s not until after about the 12th one that I start to become aware that I have to wake up and turn off my alarm. I know what you may be thinking, “Isn’t it loud? How can you have so many?” Yes they’re loud, but some how my brain cancels them all out. And I have 16 alarms because that’s how many I need before I can wake up, it use to be far worse than it is now, at one point I had 29 alarms. Yes, 29 alarms. It’s hard to believe but it’s true.Β I realize that a part of growing up involves being capable to wake up in the morning, but I like sleep way to much to care about that right now. Β I do manage to wake up, just not right away. I wake up at 7:30 a.m. basically every morning. I get ready and then I’m out the door by 7:47 a.m. and waiting for my bus. I don’t do my makeup at home anymore because it waste precious sleeping time, so now I just do my makeup at school in the morning.Β So these are the reasons why waking up in the morning is so challenging for me, even with my 16 alarms to wake me up.


Jan. 22nd Last Day of First Semester!

So on Thursday was the last day of First Semester! I was actually really sad that it was going to be our last day in Mrs. Cloutier’s class. She taught me a lot of life lessons, stuff about colleges and universities, and things that will better me in the future. So thanks Mrs. Cloutier!πŸ˜„ I’m still pretty nervous about my exam, but I’m also quite confident. I think I’ll do reasonably well on it.😊 All and all it was a great class and I learned a lot of important things!

Jan. 21st

Today Mrs. Cloutier is back and she was surprised that we couldn’t really follow the assignment. We did ask each other questions though and got in groups on Tuesday and discussed what happened in what short story and what not. So Mrs. Cloutier gave us options, if she wanted us to study on our own, with her or in small group. We chose small group and by ourselves and if we needed her help we’d call her over. It was an effective period, plus I’ve been studying at home so I think the only part I really have to worry about are the 2 essays. That was my third period.πŸ˜„

Jan. 20th Studying for Exams

Today we had a supply teacher. We finished “Lord of the Flies” and that’s not really what I expected the ending to be, but it was still a good movie. Everyone went through there binder and sorted out all their work and papers. We all talked about different short stories to remember or recap what happened in the stories. It was a good period. We all got quite a bit done. That was our 3rd period.πŸ˜„

Jan. 19th Practice Lock Down

Today when we got into class we were reminded that the school was going to have a practice lock down, and where we should be if there is an attacker or gun person. The class watched “Lord of the Flies” until 1:30 when the drill was about to start. Then once the announcements came on the class got into position. I think we did fairly well. It’s hard for me to not laugh or giggle during serious situations, so I had to try really hard. Once the practice lock down ended it was almost the end of class, so we just talked for 10 minutes. Mrs. Cloutier told us some stories that she experienced in schools and stories she knows of that other people had to deal with. That was our 3rd periodπŸ˜„

Friday, Jan. 16th

On Friday we finished chapters 11 and 12 “Lord of the Flies” and now we’re watching the movie. The class is going to be finsihing the rest on Monday. I actually really like the movie and the characters are exactly how I imagined them. πŸ˜„ Can’t wait for Monday. πŸ˜„ Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Jan. 15th Notes

Today we covered chapter 9-10 “Lord of the Flies” these were some intense chapters. It hit me hard when Simon died.😞 But as Mrs. Cloutier says this sets up the plot for the rest of the book, so I understand why Golding did that. After we were done all of our notes the class watched this 14 minute video. It was shocking and kind of mind blowing. That was my third period class. πŸ˜„

Jan. 14th πŸ˜„

Today Mrs. Cloutier got the class to do an activity in groups, the activity was for the students to teach their partner chapter 7 or 8. I was partners with Mia and Dariene. I liked this activity a lot, I think it was very affective. After we finished that activity she covered some of the most important information on her notes, the things we needed to know most. Then because we got through the notes quickly she said we could do whatever we wanted for the last 15-20 min of class. It was a good period.πŸ˜„

Jan. 13th Game Day!

I was score keeping in the gym today, so I wasn’t in class. I heard that it was a fun class though. Apparently everyone was gossiping about old relationships, and elegantly I was mentioned. Hopefully nothing bad was said. 😳 It seemed like a good class by the sounds of it. πŸ˜„ Hope everyone enjoyed the game day! πŸ˜„